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Khazanah: Jurnal Studi Islam dan Humaniora

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IAIN Antasari

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Dari IAIN ke UIN Pangeran Antasari: Tantangan dan Peluang di Tengah Arus Perubahan Sosial dan Budaya
Mujiburrahman, Mujiburrahman

IAIN Antasari


This paper analyzes the factors that drive transformation IAIN Antasari into UIN Pangeran Antasari. These changes are caused by transforming the madrasa curriculum, demand on work market that require a variety of skills as a result of modernization, social and cultural changes in globalization as impact from modern communication and transportation technologies and moral decacency in society. Transfor- mation to UIN should consederate the integration of science and higher education access for all. UIN should answer society demand of religios passion and universal human problem.

Khazanah : Jurnal Studi Islam dan Humaniora, Vol 12, No 1 (2014), 2460-7606, , 2460-7606, , 2015