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LEKSEMA: Jurnal Bahasa dan Sastra

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Islamic Education and Teacher Training Faculty (FITK)

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The Contributions of Literacy Skills to National Development
Mulia, Vilya Lakstian Catra

Islamic Education and Teacher Training Faculty (FITK)


Literacy is known by people to refer the skill for being literate of texts existing in society. There are many kinds of information penetrated among us. Being literate is now not only just represented by reading and writing as we simply do every day orthographically. It remains on basic literacy. Literacy, with those language competences, considers its contribution for society in this modern age. It is considered as resource to reflect quality of each person. This is functional literacy to take us for being functionally beneficial for surrounding environment. For dealing with the information around us which is massively spread, critical literacy should be optimized to make sense and take stance. In higher education context like university, scientific literacy is highly required to apply the subject for phenomena in the society. Being capable on multiple literacy levels is believed as the right way for familiarizing social happenings so that literate people have more chances to get possibilities for themselves up to strengthen citizen involvement for their nation as well. Literacy is finally constructed from optimizing each citizen to building nation.Keywords: basic, critical, functional, literacy, scientific, society

LEKSEMA: Jurnal Bahasa dan Sastra, Vol 1, No 2 (2016), 2527-807X, , 2527-8088, , 2016

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