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SOSIO DIDAKTIKA: Social Science Education Journal

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FOLK SENTIMENT ON VOC AND DUTCH COLONIAL: Syekh Lemah Abang Discourse in Colonial Period of Cirebon
Hasim, Wakhit

SOSIO DIDAKTIKA: Social Science Education Journal


The controversy of Syekh Lemah Abang in Cirebon manuscripts occurs in his ambiguous narrative. This ambiguity of Syekh Lemah Abang narrative refers to the anachronism of historiography of manuscript. Based on this narrative ambiguity and anachronistic story, this research answer the question of what is relationship between story of Syekh Lemah Abang of 16th century. and the situation of Cirebon people in VOC and Dutch colonial Era in 18th century. the time when the manuscripts on it are produced and reproduced.First, political history of Cirebon society is covered by domination of the foreign ruler. Only in the period of Sunan Gunung Jati until Panembahan Ratu II is an independence occurred in Cirebon. This situation was expressed in the narrative of Syekh Lemah Abang by presenting opposition between “Islamic state” represented by Wali Songo, and “the deviate community” represented by Syekh Lemah Abang 16th century. Second, resurrection of Syekh Lemah Abang narrative is the call for resurgence of Cirebon society against VOC and Dutch colonial domination. Syekh Lemah Abang and Wali Songo, both of them are the riches and heritage of Cirebon society. This resurrection answer the unrest feeling against the domination of VOC and Dutch colonial in 18th, the time when the manuscript on Syekh Lemah Abang written and reproduced.

SOSIO DIDAKTIKA: Social Science Education Journal, SOSIO DIDAKTIKA: Social Science Education Journal Vol. I No. 2 2014, 2014